Brief Description of the Company:

PARTEX COAL LTD. (PCL) is a concern of renowned Partex Group, which is one of the largest and well-known conglomerates in Bangladesh. The company was incorporated on December 11, 2014 and started its commercial operation in March 2015. The coal import business of Partex Group started in 2014 under the name of M.A. Hashem & Company, which is another concern of the group. However, later PCL was formed and from March 2015, the coal import business started to be run under the name of Partex Coal Limited. Mr. M.A Hashem is the Chairman of the company and hold 50% of the shares. The Managing Director of the company is Mr. Rubel Aziz, who holds the other 50% share of the company. The company imports coal from Indonesia and South Africa. It sells the imported coal mainly to bricks brokers though its 7 sales points throughout the country. The sales points of the company are open spaces on the bank of river where stock of coal kept. The company ships imported coals from the Chattogram and Mongla ports to these sales points through lighter barges. A total of 8 management staff and 80 non-management staff are working for the company.

Formation and Legal status of the Company:

Partex Coal Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") was incorporated on December 11, 2014, vide Registration No. C-119866/2014 as a Private Limited Company in Bangladesh under the Companies Act, 1994. The principal place of business of the company is located at Partex Center, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh.